STC Certified Law Enforcement


“Moving Law Enforcement Agents forward”

We offer several online and in-person 1 day/ 8-hour STC approved trainings

Final Step International provides training in crisis de-escalation with a focus on effective communication and behavioral health issues. Final Step International uses its own 7-step system and is a 100% experienced-based needs model that utilizes evidence-based practices with an 85% success in de-escalation. Final Step Int. training empowers professionals to de-escalate violence without the use of physical force.

Final Step International Inc., has a group of outstanding consultants—some who are retired probation officers, trained mental health providers, neuro linguistic practitioners, and facilitators—who can provide organizational development solutions through on-site interventions, workshops, retreats, personal interventions, and personal coaching. 

Our law enforcement personnel curriculum development specialist consulting includes:

• Team Building

• Drug & Alcohol Counseling and Training

• Communication, and Problem Solving

• Strategic Planning/ Goal Setting

• Executive Coaching and Counseling

• Facilitation of Community Meetings and Workshops

• Training Needs Assessment and Create Training Plans

• Conflict Resolution/Intervention

• Course Design and Training for Trainers

We are pleased to offer you quality organizational services at competitive rates, provided by established professionals who are experienced working with public agencies. Please call to discuss how we can work together to enhance the effectiveness of your organization, their present, and future needs.

Please contact Alina J. Ugas at (310) 612-7022 or