Award-Winning Book from Michael S. Oden, M.A.

“The truth about drug dependency and abuse is that it affects every socioeconomic level, it doesn’t discriminate and “fatherless children” are far more susceptible.”

~Michael S. Oden, MA

About the Book

When Nobody’s Home is both book title and metaphor on the underlying contributing factors leading to addiction. As a title, this book presents information based on the author’s thousands of interviews and statistics on the increasing incidence of single-parent families and families in which the parents are absent, either due to the requirements of working to support the family or neglect in the role and responsibilities as a caregiver in the home. As a metaphor, When Nobody’s Home speaks to the unmet needs addicts experience during childhood that creates emotional suffering. Often, this underlying root cause is unrealized by the individual, and in an attempt to gain relief from this emotional suffering, individuals frequently find solace in drug or alcohol...

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